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The Restaurant Experience For Your Customer Starts Long Before They Make a Reservation!

Okay, without showcasing my age- just my wisdom, I can honestly say I have either been exposed to or taken part in every aspect of restaurant operations and marketing.

With that being said, I also believe in being a student of my trade and I compulsively think about all the critical areas that impact successful restaurant operations. As of late, with the majority of our marketing focus shifting to bring more eyes through SEO, we have been re-tooling all of our digital assets. As a result, the following thought kept running through my mind: Our customer experience starts before our customers even make a reservation, let alone step one foot in our dining rooms!

The restaurant experience for your customer starts long before they even make a reservation. From the moment they hear about your restaurant, customers are forming their opinion of it and deciding whether or not it’s worth giving it a try. This means that it’s mission critical to have an effective strategy for not only getting the word out about your restaurant, but showcasing the experience visually so people know what you’re about and are intrigued.

So yes, I am making this statement and I am going to stick to it because no one has been able to prove me wrong yet. The restaurant experience for your customer starts way before they even make a reservation. It starts with their first impression of your brand through social media, website, email blasts and blogs. Then it continues with the reviews they read on Google and Trip Advisor, the news and press releases they come across about your restaurant, and finally the reservation system you have in place. All of these are the basic blocking and tackling areas that are extremely important to pay attention to in regards to your brand’s messaging and your product.

Once you have these items perfected, then you can further enhance the customer experience by providing behavioral based rewards systems that incentivize customers to return to your restaurant or recommend it to their friends. By creating an enjoyable experience for your customers before they even step foot in your establishment, you are setting yourself and your guests up for success and the most enjoyable dining experience possible.

Remember to Always Control the Controllables All Else Will Fall into Place!