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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is crippling the restaurant industry in an unprecedent rate. In cities all over the country and all of the world, the recent pandemic has impacted our industry like nothing before. For years, restaurateurs have faced numerous challenges but nothing has ever impacted our industry like this recent challenge. As in most cases, the small business owner is the one that suffers the most. Large corporations have endless resources that can assist them in navigating these uncharted waters. The hospitality community has always shown amazing resilience and once again, this is evident all over the world.

Businesses will experience various phases during these times. The recent mandatory shutter of restaurants has put all businesses in a survival state. Most restaurants need to focus on minimizing losses during these times and survive until we are able to re-open the doors and get back to some sort of normalcy. Once the doors re-open to the public, that’s when everyone needs to focus on re-building their business. Remember that our actions during this period are going to help define our future.

CHC is here to assist the business owners any way we can. Our leadership team is offering complimentary consulting services while businesses are going through the mandated closures. In a lot of cases, we need another set of eyes to see our operation more objectively – CHC is here to assist you in this process. Here are some other services that we can assist you in during this time:

  • SBA Loan Assistance – Assisting in filing forms for SBA loans
  • P&L Assessment – Evaluating current P&L’s
  • Menu Assessment – Assist in streamlining menu for optimal execution (limited staff)
  • Marketing – Assist in preparing a marketing strategy that fits current times and your brand
  • And much more…​

Thank you for visiting us and remember that you are not alone during these difficult times. The CHC team is offering our nearly 100 years of experience in order to assist the restaurant business owner during these challenging times.

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SBA Form 2202

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